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Batman i tworczosc jego fanow

Zaczęty przez Leon Kennedy, 22 Luty 2008, 12:01:06


Zainspirowany obrazami stworzonymi przez AI, rzuciłem kilka pomysłów w darmowego Bing AI na sequel do TDKR i takie coś stworzyło:
CytatThat sounds like an interesting story idea. Here is a possible summary for the sequel:

The Dark Knight Returns: The Court of Owls

Ten years after the events of The Dark Knight Rises, John Blake has been protecting Gotham as the new Batman, following the legacy of Bruce Wayne who retired and left the city with Selina Kyle. Blake has been investigating the rumors of a secret society of the ultra rich citizens of Gotham who have been manipulating the city and the country from the shadows for centuries. They are known as the Court of Owls, and they have an army of world class assassins called Talons who carry out their orders.

Blake manages to infiltrate one of their secret meetings and learns that they are planning to unleash a massive attack on Gotham that will destroy its infrastructure and plunge it into chaos. He also discovers that they have a historical connection to the League of Shadows, the terrorist organization that tried to destroy Gotham twice before, and that they have been secretly influencing the Wayne family's wealth and legacy for generations.

However, before he can escape and warn anyone, he is discovered and killed by one of the Talons. His death is reported as an accident by the corrupt media, but it reaches the ears of Bruce Wayne who is living a peaceful life in Europe with Selina. He decides to come back to Gotham to honor his friend's sacrifice and take back the mantle of Batman. He also wants to find out the truth about his family's involvement with the Court of Owls and stop their plan.

His return also sparks the interest of his old nemesis, the Joker, who has been locked up in Arkham Asylum for a decade. He manages to escape and joins forces with the Court of Owls, who offer him a chance to wreak havoc on Gotham and kill Batman once and for all. The Court also hires some of the world's greatest assassins such as Deathstroke, Deadshot and Lady Shiva to be their new Talons and hunt down Batman.

Batman however is not alone in his fight. He is aided by Selina Kyle, who is now his wife and has returned with him to Gotham as Catwoman. He also finds an ally in James Gordon, who is now retired from the police force and has become a private investigator. Gordon helps Batman uncover the secrets of the Court of Owls and their history with Gotham. He also introduces him to a young anti-hero named Tim Grayson, who is a brilliant hacker and activist who goes by the name Anarchy. Tim was the one who first discovered the existence of the Court of Owls and informed John Blake about their plot. He also has a personal vendetta against them, as they killed his parents when he was a child.

Together, Batman and his allies must face the Court of Owls and their army of Talons, as well as the Joker and his henchmen, in a final battle that will decide the fate of Gotham and its people.

Ogólnie fajna zabawa na kilka minut i czasami komputer daje ciekawe propozycje od siebie.


Brzmi jak coś, co zdecydowanie bym obejrzał, nawet jeśli Jokera nie grałby już Ledger :)