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Justice League - usunięte, zmienione sceny etc.

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Po samych zwiastunach wida?, ?e w filmie zabrak?o kilku scen w sieci pojawi?o si? interesuj?ce zestawienie uwzgl?dniaj?ce te? wersje Snydera i Whedona:

Edit: -superman in the cell phone footage is Whedon

- intro with Batman was Whedon, same with Batman in the plane talking to Alfred

- World without Hope montage was Snyder. The Lois bit with the empty bed next to her is actually from a later point in the movie repurposed for this

- Snyder original cut had the World without Hope montage go straight into Batman meeting with Aquaman in the village which went on longer as well. Same with their conversation after as Aquaman swims off

- Deleted Snyder scene with Martha and Lois talking in the apartment.

- Wonder Woman sequence in London is mostly all Snyder but trimmed down as the original had her taking out all the bad guys and additional slow-mo. Snyder loves his close up to convey information as there's a close up of the lead bad guy changing the gun from single to automatic mode after Wonder Woman stops the first bullet. Reshoots did add dialogue between Wonder Woman and lead bad guy before she stops all the bullets. This reshoot had everything finished to get it ready for the movie so I suspect this will be in extended version

- this cuts into the Amazonian which is Snyder and mostly not changed. A scene they removed was an Amazon being turned into a demon during Steppenwolf initial encounter. She kills herself before the transformation finishes. This shot was finished so maybe extended version

- anything with the russian family is Whedon

- Cyborgs dad talking to the janitor at Star Labs was Whedon

- Cyborg intro with his dad is a longer scene as well and Snyder . The scene starts with him looking at the people walking around the streets enjoying their lives as he looks on with envy.

- Wonder Woman meeting up with Batman while he repairs the jet was Snyder, them discussing the nature of the motherboxes on the Lake was Whedon.

- Thousand year battle is mostly the same in Snyder version, there was a back and forth between adding more focus on the Green Lantern or not. Darkseid actually showed up here as a visual stand in for Steppenwolf as one point the model wasn't quite ready yet.

- Flash scene filling out the forms and visiting his dad is Snyder

- Batman meeting Flash was Snyder. Whedon added 'people are slow, I'll try to keep up' bit

- Aquaman saving the man out in the sea was originally the end montage footage repurposed to here and it was Snyder. I believe the bits of him dumping the guy at the bar is Snyder as well

- Aquaman coming back as Steppenwolf tries and succeed in taking the motherbox is Snyder still. The only real change up is when Aquaman and Mera have a discussion which again went on longer and was a mix of both Snyder, Whedon and Wan as Aquaman was filming at the time

The discussion between Mera and Aquaman was deleted at some point and I believe someone fought hard for this to come back in the edit which I'm glad they kept in.

- janitor being taken by the demon is Snyder

- Woman on tv about her missing husband, Lois/Martha at the daily planet is Whedon

- Cyborg calling out to meet Wonder Woman and their meeting on the streets is mostly Snyder. There may be some minor bits with Cyborg as a reshoot but unsure. Alfred line about date night may have been ADR later

- Cyborg dad being kidnapped by demon to Gordon in the station to the gang meeting up on the roof and then heading to the sewers is Snyder but trimmed by a few seconds.

- Wonder Woman talking about 'doing this together as a team' and Cyborg 'didn't think you were real' were cut

- Flash panicking and Batman encouraging him to save one person is Whedon

- Cyborg saving his dad is mostly the same so Snyder.

- Wonder Woman openly taunts Steppenwolf was cut before shoving him through the wall. The fight is Snyder with added Whedon dialogue as Wonder Woman looks pissed Steppenwolf mentioned his axe having amazon blood on it.

- Flash interrupts Batman as he fights the demons, this is where the dodge sequence occurred and later cut. There was an attempt to keep it in for many versions with even a reshoot element of Flash saying 'I thought we were suppose to do this together!' Flash pushing the demon through the wall was later repurposed as Cyborg doing it. Most likely will not be extended version

- I believe Batman yells at Flash to ensure the Star Labs people are out with Cyborgs help as a demon starts to overpower Batman

- Scene with Cyborg getting people out as Flash looks on is cut

- the Flash getting people out one at a time is Whedon as is Cyborg dad explaining to him that they're after the box as Cyborg shoots a demon (repurposed from earlier)

- Batman fighting the demon on the higher level is Snyder with the WW fight still the same.

- Steppenwolf throws WW to the wall and then charges his axe at her which she dodges, this attack causes a chain reaction in which the building starts to crumble on the outside and there's now falling debris which leds towards a cut of the Star Labs people outside with the Flash. He see the debris falling so he uses his speed to punch the debris out of the way from the people but somehow misses the last big piece in which Cyborg shoots it out of the way. This was cut and in the original trailer:


This sequence had mostly finished VFX but I doubt you will see this in extended

- Batman saying 'my turn' is Snyder and is cut replaced with 'I didn't bring a sword' and 'he's tall' is Whedon.

- Cyborg asking Flash to go check on the others is cut. VFX was finished as well

- Flash helping WW with her sword is Snyder. Face plant joke after is Whedon

- Whedon reshoot of Flash replying with 'does he mean me?' when Steppenwolf mentions the Old Gods blood is cut

- WW doing her arm thing, Flash being taken by the demons, Cyborg taking over the vehicle and shooting at Steppenwolf and the flood is Snyder

- Reshot element from Wan of Aquaman emerging from the water to kick Steppenwolf before turning back to try to help slow down the flooding.

- 'did he just bail?' is ADR in, not part of Snyder original cut.

- Meeting up with Gordon and Cyborg coming back with the box is Snyder. Some scenes trimmed down

- Steppenwolf speech about finding the last box is mostly the same in Snyder.

- The gang going to the Batcave is Whedon, there was an extended scene with Flash and Alfred and Flash hugs Alfred some reason.

- The gang talking about the nature of the boxes and bringing back Superman is Whedon. Gal was not available during this time as she was doing press tour for Wonder Woman so her double was her stand in and even did some acting and that bit with her hitting Batman. In the wide shots if you look carefully you can still see that it's not Gal.

The footage of Gal was shot on a later date with green screen and composited in

- Batman talking to Alfred about Superman was Whedon

- Batman overlooking the ship is Snyder. Batman talking to Wonder Woman about the plan overlooking the kryptonian ship is Whedon

- the Lois shot from earlier in the opening montage movie was a part of this sequence as Alfred attempts to call her as well. Snyder

- break into the kryptonian ship was a longer, Cyborgs dad fakes a code red to get everyone out of the lab so the gang can get in without any major issues. There was some more additional dialogue with Flash and Aquaman. Snyder with a small chance that this may be in the extended

- preparing Superman body for the ship is Snyder.

- deleted scene - Cyborg having a premonition during his countdown. During the count of 'one' he starts to see things of possibly future events such as the end of the League, knightmare world and more importantly Darkseid.

- Superman resurrection and battle with the league members is mostly Snyder with bits trimmed down.

- Flash mentioning 'pet semenetary' is Whedon

- Flash actively tries to kick Superman during their fight which was cut

- Anytime Superman is talking during this is Whedon, even 'do you bleed?'

- Batman making a quip about if he's bleeding is Whedon

- Steppenwolf stealing the last box is the same in all versions

- Superman coming home to his farm with Lois is Snyder.

- Gang discussing their plan of attack now is Whedon

- Batman and Wonder Woman talking about leadership and her fixing his arm is all Whedon

- Superman talking about the ring is Snyder and cut. Superman talking to Lois in the field is Whedon. Not sure if Martha showing up to meet her son is Whedon or Snyder

- Steppenwolf preparing the unification is the same in all versions

- Cyborg finding the location is Whedon which leads to the gang getting on the ship is Snyder

- deleted scene of Superman coming back to the kryptonian ship and getting his suit back. VFX was finished so maybe extended version

- Aquaman with the lasso of Truth is all Whedon, Gal again wasn't here so body double in the wide shot with Gal elements being shot later

- Batman taking down the shield and the league helping each other out to reach Steppenwolf is Snyder. Close up of Wonder Woman smiling is a Whedon as well Batman making quips during this scene

- Deleted scenes - showing various people around the worlds reacting to the unification process as red skies and lightening start to happen (Martha/Lois, Cyborg Dad, Gordon, Aquaman village at the beginning, london and so forth)

- Trailer scene with Wonder Woman saying 'shall we?' with Aquaman and Cyborg was adjusted. 'Shall we' was cut and replaced with the new Whedon line

- Cyborg and Flash stuff here is mostly now all Whedon

- Batman telling Flash to get people to safety is Whedon

- lots of Wonder Woman and Aquaman fighting are adjusted or reordered but still Snyder

- Superman coming back is all Whedon. There was a wide shot of Superman during the 'I like truth' which was removed but the final edit of how it plays out is better in my opinion

- Superman with the slow mo punch dodge is Snyder. As before anything with Superman talking is Whedon during this finale

- Original previs was Wonder Woman cutting off Steppenwolf head but later changed. Steppenwolf demise was reworked a few times

- Steppenwolf fear demise through the boomtube is Whedon

- there was concept art showing the trinity looking through the end of the boomtube revealing Darkseid. Unsure if this element was ever filmed as the movie itself never had it in any version I saw.

- The slow mo shot of all of them with Flash fist bumping Cyborg is Snyder

- close up with the trinity is three different elements composited together as the actors were not available at the same time.

- the end montage is Snyder (yes, even that weird run Flash does) with Whedon element being Wonder Woman stopping the robbery in London


Flash doing the race with Superman = Whedon
Lex discussing forming their own league = Snyder

My main thought which was a better version:

- I believe that Snyder original version was more leading towards a UC style edit like BvS as I felt there was a lot of moments for the movie to breath but with some wtf ness in characters moments (flash basically standing around and doing nothing when he could do stuff) where as I feel Whedon had a lot more character beats and dialogue between them to punch it up.

- I'm not too sure if there will be an extended version but if there was I can easily see an additional 10-20 minutes.

?ród?o: https://www.resetera.com/threads/community-spotlight-dceu-era-ot-crisis-on-infinite-forums.465/page-130#post-1089110

Kto wie mo?e znowu otrzymamy wersj? esencjaln? wersj? albo przynajmniej usuni?te sceny w formie dodatków na Blu-ray/DVD.
What was the point of all those push-ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war)

Night_Wing [usunięty]

O całości filmu tego, który obejrzałem w IMAX 3D i to w moje urodziny, rozprawiać w tym temacie nie będę. Jedynie powiem tyle, że lepszego prezentu na urodziny sprawić sobie nie mogłem. Produkcja wypadła widowiskowo. Efekty specjalne - a na panoramicznym ekranie jest to mega istotne - zostały dostosowane brawurowo, wręcz genialnie. Jęzor wywalony, a mózg gdzieś daleko, porozrzucany na ścianie. Tak miałem przez cały seans. Chłonąłem film jak gąbka, a niektóre ujęcia, jak te z powietrza jakby kamera zmieniała kąt, bądź oddalała się i na zmianę przybliżała, spowodowały, że to film wciągał mnie. Stał się częścią jego płaszczyzny.

Steppenwolf, ależ był on potężny. Zamiary niesamowite, lecz nie w porę. Superman po reaktywacji przez odzyskany Motherbox wyrośnie wkrótce  na najpotężniejszą postać w dziejach kinowego DC. Prześcignięcie Flasha i wiele innych scen  mówiło samo za siebie.

Ciekaw jestem czemu zrezygnowano z długich włosów Supermana i jego czarnego kostiumu, który po ,,zmartwychwstaniu" pomógłby mu szybciej absorbować promienie ziemskiego słońca. Czy w tym przypadku chodzi o coś więcej niż postprodukcyjne dokrętki wynikające z niezadowolenia włodarzy WB?


Night_Wing, nawet nie wiesz jak Ci zazdroszczę seansu w Imax.

Night_Wing [usunięty]

Czego się nie robi dla takiego filmu, dla ulubionej grupy superbohaterów. "Ligę Sprawiedliwości" obejrzałem w Cinema City: Galeria Plaza w Krakowie w IMAX 3D. Jednakże nie pochodzę z tego miasta, więc musiałem przejechać 100km by obejrzeć tą produkcję. Bilet zarezerwowałem dużo wcześniej, a gdy go odebrałem z kasy postanowiłem zaopatrzyć się w jakieś przekąski w barze przy wejściu na hol oddzielający sale kinowe. Sklepik oferował masę gadżetów z filmu, dlatego też kupiłem sobie aluminiowe wiaderko na średni popcorn - oczywiście w środku z popcornem, które na zewnątrz miało wytłoczone zarysy ciała 6-tki z "Ligii Sprawiedliwości" i jedną małą figurkę Supermana za 14zł. Większej ilości statuetek nie było, bo zostały wyprzedane. Fan musi mieć wszystko co związanego z jego ulubionym filmem czy superbohaterem. Te gadżety wyglądają obłędnie, a najbardziej okazale prezentuje się wiaderko. Czegoś takiego później nie będzie. Jedyna okazja do kupienia czegoś z takiej kolekcji to tylko autoryzowane salony kinowe, no i jak ktoś postrada rozum, to za pośrednictwem "olx" lub "allegro" itp.

Zauważyłem fajny Easter Egg, który można traktować jako pokłon w stronę klasycznego "Batmana" a mianowicie "Powrotu Batmana" z 1992r. Alfred siedząc przy stole w "Bat cave", mówił coś w stylu: wspominał czasy, w których ,,jedynym zmartwieniem" były chodzące pingwiny z tykającymi mechanizmami na głowie.

Leon Kennedy

W sumie wycieli co się dało i ile się dało! Za to mam za złe Warner, bo film spokojnie mógł być dłuższy o te 20 parę minut i można było dzięki temu np. ukazać większą motywację do działań przez Steppenwolfa. Obyśmy chociaż dostali dostęp do tylu scen ile się da!
O wrażeniach seansu wkrótce się wypowiem.


Wycieli niektóre sceny bo:

Cytat"If there is even 1% chance that this movie could be bad then we need to take it as ABSOLUTE certainty & trim all of it"


Oprócz wyciętych wątków, które mogły być odbierane jako zbyt niejasne, jak chociażby te dotyczące Cyborga i Mother Boxów, co można zaakceptować. To skracanie kilku scen z filmu oraz różnych ujęć, które był w zwiastunach było błędem.
What was the point of all those push-ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war)


Kolejne doniesienia odnośnie zmian pomiędzy wersją Snydera i Whedona

Other JL Behind the scenes dramas:
Things my source said were CUT from Zack's cut:
1) Deathstroke breaking out Lex
2) Bruce and Diana visiting Lex for information on Steppenwolf where Batman breaks Lex's fingers.
3) Iris stuff
4) Ray Fisher Cyborg scenes as he was the HEART of the film before Whedon
5) Lois investigating Star Labs etc

Others dramas:
Gal Gadot was unaware that she was reacting for Flash falling on her boobs. Her body double was used for that face plant bit by Joss
Zack was heavily working on JL ,ever since BvS was released ,so WB wanted to but didn't boot Snyder.They decided to let Snyder do his thing and when Zack showed his cut to the executives, they hated it. The executives and Geoff Johns thought that the first cut was awful.Geoff Johns and WB hired Whedon, not Zack.When Zack had to leave the production because of his personal tragedy, WB and Whedon literally turned the movie into a complete comedy chipmunk film with re shoots. The cast was against Whedon's changes. But at the test screenings(Sept) at least, the audience responded to his humor and quips ,so they were kept.
Only 3 Snyder Superman scenes were left: 1) At the end of the film on farm where Bruce and Clark talk about how Bruce got the house back from the bank 2) Superman and League confrontation 3) Half of the Superman farm scene. Other half with greenscreen and quips were from Joss.

Re shoot scenes:
Bruce and Diana confrontation
Most of the character interactions in the batcave
"Do you bleed" scene was re shot
A lot more Wonder Woman scenes were added
Aquaman spilling truth under Diana's lasso
The opening 2 scenes(Iphone interview, Batman interrogating a parademon)
Russian family plot element
Most of the 3rd act

źródło: https://superherotalksite.wordpress.com/2017/11/29/ray-fisher-was-protesting-against-joss-whedon-when-he-wore-the-i%E2%9D%A4%EF%B8%8Fzs-shirt/

Bardziej rozbudowany wątek Mother Boxów i stopniowe odkrywanie tajemnic z tym związanych - osobiście nie miałbym nic przeciwko temu. Kilak scen z dokrętek wyszło naprawdę dobrze, ale wraz z doniesieniami na temat zakulisowych problemów - https://www.thewrap.com/justice-league-zack-snyder-batman-v-superman-wonder-woman/  - wynika, że mieszanie się szefów studia (Tsujihara i Emmerich), którzy podobno liczyli na bonusy finansowe i dlatego chcieli by film wszedł w 2017 roku, bardzo zaszkodziło.

Nie pierwszy raz WB namieszało w filmach, ale szkoda, że musiało stać się to w przypadku "JL". Powinni zdecydować się na jedno albo drugi, czyli albo do końca zostać przy wersji Snydera albo przełożyć premierę "JL" i wybrać innego reżysera.
What was the point of all those push-ups if you can't even lift a bloody log?

Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war)

Leon Kennedy

No cóż nie pierwszy i ostatni zapewne raz wybrali po prostu kasę...


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Jak wrzucą to do sieci w HD, robię z tego awatar! ;D