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Kinowe filmy na podstawie komiksów

Zaczęty przez Juby, 13 Kwiecień 2008, 15:44:08


Fajne zestawienie 10 najlepszych filmów superhero od IGN.

"Did you see BATMAN BEGINS? I don't think you can beat that."
- Morgan Freeman


10 Maj 2020, 12:34:20 #121 Ostatnia edycja: 10 Maj 2020, 12:43:31 by LelekPL
Ja ostatnio dodałem swoje komenty pod filmami oddzielno DC i Marvela i zdałem sobie sprawę jak bardzo Marvel zamiat DC pod względem filmów. Nie tylko ilości, ale też jakości (choć nadal Mroczny Rycerz pozostaje number 1 u mnie).

Pełne zestawienie wszystkich filmów spod szyldu DC (sorry, bez tłumaczenia, bo już mi się nie chciało):
Cytuj1. The Dark Knight 10/10 (masterpiece)
2. The Dark Knight Rises 9/10 (epic, emotional and underrated. Bane is fantastic and the revolutionary setting is beautiful)
3. Batman Begins 9/10 (best superhero origin story ever)
4. Batman 9/10 (batmania and beautiful dirty Gothic style. Jack and Prince are great)
5. Shazam! 8/10 (Amblin-esque fun, with incredibly charming leads and story)
6. A History of Violence 8/10 (great thriller with a fantastic third act)
7. Joker 8/10 (solid character study)
8. Watchmen 8/10 (thematically not a good adaptation but visually striking comic panels)
9. V for Vendetta 8/10 (entertaining and interesting at the same time. Solid action and revenge porn)
10. Road to Perdition 8/10 (solid gangster movie with great performances by legendary actors. A bit dull at times though)
11. Superman Returns 7/10 (great sequel to Reeves movies with all its strengths... and some weaknesses)
12. Batman Returns 7/10 (stunning combination of gothic and Christmas in design, Pfeiffer is the star here but story is WEAK)
13. Man of Steel 7/10 (solid action movie)
14. Batman 66 7/10 (great parody of Batman)
15. Superman 7/10 (groundbreaking, magical but story, threat and action are dated)
16. Superman II 7/10 (good, better villains but less magical than the original)
17. Red 6/10 (decent action movie)
18. Constantine 6/10 (another bad adaptation but interesting visuals and world)
19. Wonder Woman 6/10 (decent origin and charming fish out of water story, terrible third act)
20. Aquaman 6/10 (similar to WW but with a terrible second act)
21. Birds of Prey 5/10 (crazy, fast paced, strong villains but less funny than it thinks it is)
22. Batman & Robin 5/10 (BAD story but a really funny comedy echoing 66 - great Arnie one liners)
23. A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 5/10 (again bad story but a fascinating world of mixing literary characters)
24. Batman Forever 5/10 (solid for kids, excellent neon Gotham, Carrey is fun but Kilmer is so dull and again the story is wonky and the tone is all over the place. Should have been a full on comedy)
25. Red 2 5/10 (lesser sequel, lacking the freshness of the first)
26. Superman III 5/10 (this is the first really bad one but the drunk asshole Superman is still hilarious)
27. Justice League 4/10 (has only some good moments and thankfully adds some humour to the unbearable and self-serious dourness of Snyder)
28. Suicide Squad 4/10 (horribly edited and structured story. Terrible Joker. Harley, Deadshot and Boomerang are fun. And who can forget Slipknot)
29. Green Lantern 4/10 (Ryan Reynolds does his best but this is a visual and narrative mess. Horrible Parallax)
30. Swamp Thing 4/10 (there are good cheesy B-movies... this is not one of those)
31. The Losers 4/10 (just so unspectacular and generic)
32. Batman v Superman 3/10 (horrible, absolutely horrible, almost criminal characterization of the world's finest. It killed these versions of Batman and Superman franchises. The lighting is really ugly here as well not even the slo mo can help; and the design has no personality.)
33. Steel 3/10 (Shaq is cool but this movie is not. Terrible villain and acting all around. No connection to the comics)
The rest are just equally terrible:
34. Jonah Hex 3/10
35. Supergirl 3/10
36. Superman IV 3/10
37. The Return of Swamp Thing 3/10
Except for this, this isn't even so bad it's funny. It's just awfulness in all of its early 2000s awfulness:
38. Catwoman 1/10
W sumie 38 filmów, z czego tylko 16 oceniam jako naprawdę dobre (42%)

A teraz zestawienie wszystkich filmów spod szyldu Marvela:
Cytuj1. Logan 9/10 (emotional, hard hitting, gritty, real. A western and superhero movie for the ages)
2. Avengers Endgame 9/10 (an event to end all events, incredibly emotional, closure for the whole universe)
3. Men in Black 9/10 (Sonnenfeld's best work, great journey into a new world movie, Smith and Jones are a terrific duo)
4. Iron Man 9/10 (second best superhero origin movie)
5. The Avengers 9/10 (before Endgame this was peak event movie, more streamlined, with a promise fulfilled)
6. Civil War 8/10 (this is how a clash of superheroes should look like, conflicting ideologies where both have compelling points - fantastic ending)
7. Days of Future Past 8/10 (the mix of two sets of casts is seamless and they work off each other perfectly. Quicksilver!)
8. Ragnarok 8/10 (the funniest and most 80's MCU movie with a terrific supporting cast of characters and the best use of Led Zeppelin)
9. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.1 8/10 (great team movie that shows you can do multiple characters at once, perfect soundtrack)
10. Blade II 8/10 (Blade and Del Toro designs mix perfectly. Snipes is great)
11. Spider-Man 2 8/10 (Fantastic blockbuster with a tragic villain and awkward but charming Tobey)
12. First Class 8/10 (the new cast has great chemistry, Vaughn style is good, Fassbender shines)
13. Blade 8/10 (revolutionary film for superhero movies. Snipes rules, awesome opening and tone, Deacon is also a solid villain)
14. Kick-Ass 8/10 (the antisuperhero movie that works just as well at the end)
15. Infinity War 8/10 (the ballsiest Marvel movie. A bit too many characters but anchoring the movie around Thanos helps focus)
16. Deadpool 2 8/10 (the highs are higher than in the first one, hilarious)
17. Kingsman 8/10 (a fun spy movie with a corny but great B movie plot)
18. The First Avenger 7/10 (a solid period blockbuster in the vein of Indy)
19. Spider-Man 7/10 (charming world created by Raimi, great cast, bad designs)
20. Black Panther 7/10 (great world building, fantastic villain and theme but bad at tension and CGI)
21. Deadpool 7/10 (funny, rude and romantic... some jokes don't hit)
22. Far From Home 7/10 (road trip movie with superheroes and a unique villain with a fun but predictable twist)
23. Homecoming 7/10 (fun teenage drama with another great twist this time less predictable)
24. Thor 7/10 (a Shakespearan drama with Norse gods, weak when on Earth)
25. The Winter Soldier 7/10 (great action movie but the spy thriller aspect is vastly underdeveloped, falls off in the third act)
26. X2 7/10 (great for its time with social commentary, with fantastic Wolvie and Nightcrawler but underdevelops other X-Men)
27. Guardians vol.2 7/10 (great father and son drama and unique structure but less fun than the first)
28. Kick-Ass 2 7/10 (underrated, solid coming of age comedy but the villain and romantic plot are bad)
29. Iron Man 2 7/10 (RDJ at the top of his game, Rockwell is fantastic. Rourke is bad but the film is underrated)
30. The Wolverine 7/10 (unique setting, modern samurai movie. Terrible third act)
31. Punisher War Zone 6/10 (campy fun badass Punisher movie with the worst villain performances but awesome action)
32. Ant-Man 6/10 (average heist movie but with some great comedic moments)
33. Age of Ultron 6/10 (the worst Avengers movie but still pretty good, Hulk v Iron man! Ultron is lame)
33. Kingsman 2 6/10 (a meh sequel but with solid action, statesmen and Elton John)
34. Apocalypse 6/10 (awesome opening and some really high highs but it is very messy and the Polish scenes are hilarious)
35. Venom 6/10 (campy outdated but still Hardy is so much fun)
36. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 6/10 (tonally messy with BAD villains but the romance is one of the best ever and that ending)
37. Iron Man 3 5/10 (a below average buddy cop movie. PG-13 was bad for dialogue here but RDJ is great)
38. Spider-Man 3 5/10 (another mess, with a terrible past revelation. Sandman's origin is great, though, and it is unintentionally really funny)
39. Men in Black 3 5/10 (ok time travel movie with great practical effects but the story is lazy and uninspired)
40. TASM 5/10 (bland but ok SM movie)
41. Doctor Strange 5/10 (some hypnotic effects but the story is by the numbers and the villain bad)
42. The Incredible Hulk 5/10 (uninspired forgotten and awkwardly fits into the MCU. Blonsky was good and should be used again)
43. Dark Phoenix 5/10 (great train sequence and a bit better than Last Stand but that's it)
44. X-Men 5/10 (fun for the time but now very dated with bad CGI and designs, vanilla story)
45. Punisher 89 5/10 (average gritty action movie that is barely a Punisher movie. The violence is really good)
46. Captain Marvel 5/10 (generic level over 9000, unlikable hero, great Jackson and cat)
47. Ant-Man 2 4/10 (superMEH, works as a set up for Endgame)
48. Fantastic Four 2015  4/10 (solid first half 7/10 but goes horribly off the rails hard in the second 1/10)
49. Last Stand 4/10 (has some great action moments but thematically it is incoherent)
50. The Dark World 4/10 (ughhh, so much blandness. Thor and Loki are the only good things)
51. Rise of Silver Surfer 4/10 (cringe heroes but awesome Surfer. Galactus being a cloud is the worst!)
52. Daredevil 4/10 (BAD cheesy 2000s vibes and leather outfits but Matt's vision is cool and the story is ok. Better than BvS :P That park fight scene though *facepalm*)
53. The Hulk 4/10 (totally failed experiment of bringing a comic book style to life. Movies are movies, comics are comics. Kudos for trying something different)
54. Howard the Duck 4/10 (what even is this movie? Cocaine is a helluva drug)
55. Ghost Rider 4/10 (what even is this movie? Nic Cage is a helluva drug)
56. Ghost Rider 2 3/10 (what even is this movie? Nic Cage on cocaine is a helluva drug)
57. The Punisher 3/10 (PG-13 Punisher? Nope. Terrible Travolta and plot. Thomas Jane was a good but wasted Frank)
These are all really bad movies:
58. Men in Black 2 3/10
59. X-Men Origins: Wolverine 3/10
60. Fantastic Four 2005 3/10
61. Men in Black International 3/10
62. Blade Trinity 3/10
63. Elektra 3/10
63 filmy, z czego aż 30 oceniam jako dobre (47%).
Marvel zrobił prawie tyle samo dobrych filmów co DC w ogóle.


Wow. Niesamowite, że chciało ci się zebrać to wszystko do kupy (choć rozumiem, sam też sporo korzystam z czasu w dobie pandemii). ;)

Bardzo fajne zestawienia, choć na pewno dobrze wiesz, że przy niektórych tytułach mam inne zdanie (np. Infinity War - po powtórce i wyjściu z kina z Endgame jeszcze bardziej doceniłem jak wielki jest to film, pośród adaptacji Marvela bezkonkurencyjny).

No i pełna zgoda, pod względem filmów Marvel > DC (choć 4 spośród pięciu moich ulubionych adaptacji komiksu są na podstawie DC / Vertigo).

"Did you see BATMAN BEGINS? I don't think you can beat that."
- Morgan Freeman


Pisałem to jeszcze na telefonie więc jeszcze trudniej było, ale chyba w miarę szybko to zleciało. Nie obchodziły mnie powtórzenia, chciałem tylko szybko napisać swoje podstawowe myśli na temat tych filmów.